My story starts with parents who didn't stay married but who have a lot in common. 


My mom raised my sisters and I in an organized, spontaneous and girl-power-infused home. If we had a good idea, we did it. We didn't wait for the sun or moon to be in the right place. We just did it. 

We always had a place to create. A room, a table....or a floor of the home. We always has some place to go to make a mess and typically that place had a door to hide the mess when we were done.  My mom always sewed and still does in a glorious quilt studio with a door. 

While my Dad didn't participate in our daily lives, his inspiration, his words, his life and his quasi-awkward humor were a constant thread in our lives. He was moving. Doing. Sending letters. Calling us. Provoking us with motivational words and letters that were well.....very different than our friends' dads. We always wanted him to be more normal. Now I realize that he was giving us what he had to give us and that had staying power. He always told us that if we turned out normal, he and mom had failed. My parents taught us how to work hard and chase dreams. And for goodness sake, never wait until the time is right. Just do it. 

My mother is one of the most content people I know. My dad is just the opposite. That makes me a wanna-be content person. And Blue Raddish is a great coping mechanism, 

As a corporate chick by day, Blue Raddish has been a creative outlet. Something that is mine. Something that can change when I need it to change. Something that can keep my right brain turned on until midnight. Something that I hope is part of our kids' story. 

As much as I would like to position Blue Raddish as a lifestyle brand, it is really a brand that reflects what is important to a me, a wife and working mother who won't give up on having a small business and a rich life. I created blue Raddish 13 years ago, before the birth of 3 kids, 9 different jobs and 4 moves. And it lives on. 

Blue Raddish is about living. And doing. And not waiting. Blue Raddish is about designing a life with few regrets.